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'JHawk' Lands co-production in Step Up All In Movie!
Releasing August 8th 2014

Song: Hands up in The Air

Artist: Celestina [Composers: Celestina Aladekoba, Jeremy "JHawk" Hawkins, Lloyd "Quin" Pearson


'Vampire Diaries, 'A.N.T. Farm' Actors to Star in Horror Movie 'Some Kind of Hate'

Borys Kit April 2014


Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps and Sierra McCormick will star in Some Kind of Hate, a new take on the slasher genre from Adam Egypt Mortimer. Hate centers on a tightly wound kid who is a favorite target for the local high school bullies. He is sent away to a remote reform school, where the teen accidentally summons a vengeful spirit -- herself a victim of bullying -- to exact retribution on his tormentors.


Also in the cast are director Michael Polish, Noah Segan (Looper), Miss Illinois USA 2014 Lexi Atkins (Zombeavers), Spencer Breslin (The Happening), Maestro Harrell (Suburgatory), Jasper Polish (The Astronaut Farmer), music producer Jeremy Hawkins (stage name: JHawk) and Brando Eaton (The Secret Life of the American Teenager).

Romance with the camera.

Srinivasa Ramanujam April 2014


“It is really difficult. As singers, we go to the recording studio and be ‘in the zone’ for the song. But facing the camera is another thing altogether — I’m scared.” Singer-designer Tanvi Shah used to shudder at the thought of facing a camera. But all that will change now. For, her latest single ‘Call It Love’ features the singer dancing in Indian costumes, doing a bit of belly-dancing and well, singing.


The song itself is the English version of her Spanish number. “JHawk, my music producer in Los Angeles, and I were jamming on a few things and this stood out. He insisted on having an Indian element in the song… and that’s how I came in to it!”

JHawk Lands World Song on: 'End Polio Now' Album featuring Grammy Recording Artist: Tanvi Shah

End Polio Now October 2012


Hear songs performed by Rotary polio ambassadors on this special CD. Proceeds raised by this project go to Rotary International's End Polio Now campaign. Also available on iTunes. Artists include:  



November 2010


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Nov 30, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Today Myspace, in partnership with Ben Silverman's Electus and Sprite(R), premieres the first episode of the original dance web series, "Jerk All-Stars." Originating in Southern California, jerkin' is a street movement involving unique dance moves and fashions that has gained momentum virally through Myspace with groups like the New Boyz and Cali Swag District and is now spreading to the masses with everyone from NFL players to CNN anchors doing the dougie. The 14-episode documentary-style program will air every Tuesday starting today, and chronicles the lives of jerkin's top up-and-coming dance crews as they transform from underground dancers to jerkin' celebrities.


"Jerk All-Stars" uncovers the history of the jerkin' movement exposing those who have been passionate about the trend from the beginning and gives a glimpse into the phenomenon through the eyes of the show's judges and dance crews. The first episodes of the show give viewers a snapshot into the lives of each of the judges to see where they came from and the obstacles they've had to overcome in their journeys to success. Tune in to find out how they each got their start jerkin' and watch them share their skills as they teach the latest dance moves in the jerkin' world including how to dougie.

Studio Tour: JHawk Scion Music Conference

 Scion AV Oct 2009



We’re Jerkin (Starring the New Boyz, JHawk and Pink Dollaz)

Jeff Weiss Aug 2009


Everyone started jerkin’ last year. When the kids returned from summer vacation, it was like they’d contracted some rare virus. A tsetse-fly bite in reverse, but rather than sleeping sickness, teenagers from Long Beach to Lancaster started getting geeked up ... a dancing dominoes of flailing limbs, skinny jeans and fluorescent accessorizing. Jerkin’ at talent shows and on top of lunchroom tabletops. Jerkin’ in parking lots and bus stops, underground teen clubs, every single function (party), and, of course, on YouTube. Much of Los Angeles’ 18-and-under population was jerkin’ — presumably because they were the only ones young enough not to snicker at the term’s historically self-flagellating connotation.

​Every generation has its own rites and rituals, but they all share the desire to delineate themselves from their predecessors and create something unique. L.A. natives were never going to ghost-ride the whip, that’s a Bay Area thing. The “Crank That” dance and “Stanky Leg” were cool, but that was the Dirty South’s thing. And no one wanted to rock khakis and oversized white tees anymore. I mean, you’re really going to gangbang? That’s so ’90s. Besides, Ice Cube said it best: Gangstas don’t dance, they boogie.

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